Overwatch 2017 Year In Review

By Kurtis Chan on Jan 2, 2018

2017 has just ended and we have gathered all the changes that happened in Overwatch from January 2017 till present, including new heroes, new maps, overwatch league, and more. So without further ado, let's take a look at the changes and additions in the Overwatch 2017 Year In Review.

New Heroes


After the destruction of Numbani Airport, child prodigy, Efi Oladele took one of the wrecked OR15 bots and created OR15A, a.k.a Orisa.


One of the Talon leaders and the second successor of the gaunlet, Doomfist is one of the most feared villain in the Overwatch Universe. The hype for Doomfist's release was the highest amongst all post-release heroes thanks to rumors of Terry Crews voicing the character until it turns out that it is not him.


Moira is the latest hero to join Overwatch. She was announced during BlizzCon last month and is now considered to be the best healer in the game.

New Maps


Oasis is one of the world's most advanced cities, a shining jewel rising from the Arabian Desert. A monument to human ingenuity and invention, researchers, and academics from around the region came together to found a city dedicated to scientific progress without restraints.


Castillo is an old fort looking out over Dorado's bay. It’s the location of Calaveras, a bar frequented by questionable patrons; a graffitied Los Muertos hangout; and Sombra's hacking den.

Black Forest

Black forest was a battlefield during the Omnic Crisis. Eichenwalde is situated at the center of the forest.


Necropolis was Ana Amari's hideout after she survived a bullet to her eye thanks to Widowmaker. When everyone thought she was killed in action, Ana stayed in this impromptu field base to keep an eye on things (literally).

Horizon Lunar Colony

Built as a first step towards humanity's renewed exploration of space, the Horizon Lunar Colony’s goal was to examine the effects of prolonged extraterrestrial habitation—on human and ape alike. The scientists' research proved incredibly promising but all contact and communications with the base were lost, until now.

Chateau Guillard

Located near Annecy in southeastern France. For hundreds of years, it was the estate of the influential Guillard family, until it gradually fell into disrepair after the family’s power waned in the decades after the Revolution. Recently, the château has found a new owner: the Talon agent Widowmaker, who has returned to her family’s ancestral home.

Sydney Harbour Arena

Image taken from Overwatch Gamepedia
Image taken from Overwatch Gamepedia

Sydney Harbour Arena is a seasonal map in Overwatch. It is an enclosed soccer stadium used for matches of Lucioball.


Junkertown is a dirty, dangerous, harsh, chaotic, grungy settlement located in the Australian Outback,[3]constructed from the ruins of the Australian omnium. It is the home of the Junkers, and ruled by an individual called "the Queen".

Blizzard World

Overwatch's latest hybrid map, Blizzard World is a theme park that is built based on Blizzard titles like World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, Starcraft, Heroes of the Storm, and Diablo. Blizzard World will be heading to Overwatch live servers on January 2018.

Past Events

Year of the Rooster

Overwatch Uprising

Overwatch Anniversary

Summer Games 2017

Halloween Terror 2017

Winter Wonderland 2017

Hero Rework


Bastion was a force to be reckoned with when Overwatch was officially launched. As time passed, more and more players knew the ways to counter Bastion, so Blizzard decided to give him a little rework. Reworked Bastion dominated Season 4 of Overwatch as he was just too tanky to kill, he can even survive a full rocket barrage by Pharah when he is in Sentry form and when he keeps healing himself. In the end, he was nerfed by Blizzard and instantly disappeared from the meta, until now.


After Lucio was nerfed, Mercy became the most hated hero thanks to her ability to resurrect dead allies. Her 5-man resurrection was too strong for the game and Blizzard made it a secondary skill instead of her ultimate and she can only resurrect one ally when it is off cooldown and it has a channeling time. Mercy's current ultimate is Valkyrie which allows hers to fly, strengthens her healing and damage boosts, as well as resurrecting allies without channeling.


Compared to other heroes in Overwatch, D.Va has the least amount of abilities to use- Boosters, Defense Matrix, and Self-Destruct only. So, her MEKA got an upgrade with brand new Micro Missiles at her disposal.

Competitive Play

4 Competitive seasons took place in 2017 and we saw many changes to the game mode such as the respawn timers for 2CP maps, more drastic SR decay, the new tiebreaker system to reduce draws, and more!

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6- shorter season period

Season 7

Additional Content

  • Game Browser
  • Capture the Flag
  • Low Gravity
  • 3v3 Lockout Elimination
  • 1v1 Limited Duel
  • 6v6 Lockout Elimination
  • Free-For-All Deathmatch
  • 4v4 Team Deathmatch


  • Report System
  • Reticle Option
  • Highlights Saving

Meta Shift

Season 4- Omnic Crisis

After Bastion was reworked, he immediately became the meta thanks to his damage output and survivability, thus the name of the meta- Omnic Crisis.

Season 5- Dive Comp

Dive Comp immediately became the meta after Winston got a buff for his barrier cooldown while D.Va became tankier with 400 armor. Overwatch players were complaining that the game is bored to play and also to watch. This composition slowly lose its position in the meta after D.Va's armor got reduced to 200.

Season 6- Spam Meta

This is the time where Junkrat got buffed with two Concussion Mine charges. It was easy to kill of any hero with less than 250 health, one bomb and one mine or two mines hit will do the job for you.

Season 7- Pirate Ship

Image taken from Unit Lost Gaming
Image taken from Unit Lost Gaming

With Orisa's buff on her barrier, bastion has risen in polurity once more, even on attacking teams. The pirate ship name refers to Bastion in Sentry Form on the payload, with Orisa's and/or Reinhardt's barriers shielding Bastion to dish out insane amount of damage to enemies.

Improving as an Esport

Revamped Spectator Mode

Overwatch has always been scrutinized for their displeasing spectator mode. It was hard for spectators to keep up on what is happening in the game and Blizzard had to do something about it before Overwatch World Cup and Overwatch League.

Team Colour Schemes

This is one of the biggest changes that happened in Overwatch Esports. Each team now has a home and away skin to make it easier for the spectators to identify which Tracer is from which team. This change was tested out during Overwatch World Cup and everyone liked it, even players are asking for the team-based skins in Overwatch League to be made available in the game.

Overwatch League

Overwatch League is the first major global esports league with city-based teams, was designed to celebrate the best of the best in Overwatch. It also allowed professional Overwatch players to have a stable income as well as other benefits to be treated as athletes. The regular season will begin on 10 January 2018 with San Francisco Shock taking on Los Angeles Valiant at 8am Malaysian time.


2018 should be an exciting one for Overwatch with Overwatch League starting in about a week, and how can we forget about Blizzard World that will be coming this month along with several Blizzard-themed hero skins. Let's see what Blizzard can do to continue making Overwatch a great game in 2018. Happy new year everyone!

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