Orisa has a new skin, a new emote and voice lines in Overwatch PTR

By Kurtis Chan on Mar 6, 2017

Orisa is the latest Tank hero that has been added to Overwatch last week, at least in the PTR for now. Along with her release came new skins, emotes, victory poses, and highlight intros. However, she only had one epic tier skin instead of the usual two, two emotes instead of three and she did not have any voice lines except for the default one. Fret not, Blizzard has already given her all of these in the latest Overwatch PTR patch.

New Epic Skin- OR15

As you can see from the name, the new skin is exactly how the original OR15 defense bot looks like and I think this is good addition to her wardrobe since Efi designed her based on OR15s anyway. The currency needed for this skin is 250.

New Emote- Cheer

Try using her Fortify ability and then use this emote, I guarantee you'll love it! The currency for this emote is 250.


Voice Lines (Turn GIF player volume on)

Following my programming (Default)

No parking

Current Outlook

Do you need a hug?

Efi will not be happy

Error: Sarcasm Module

I can't do that

Medical assistance

My analysis

Shine your eyes

That does not compute

If you've noticed, I currently have the "No parking" voice line equipped because it is short, simple, and most importantly, spammable! All of these voice lines will cost 25 currency each.

Orisa is currently available for testing in the Overwatch PTR but there is still no release date for her on live servers. Expect it to arrive soon according to previous releases of Ana and Sombra where both of them made their way to live servers after spending a week in the PTR. Check out Orisa's other cosmetics in our last post and decide which ones you want unlocked for her when she is available to play.

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