Ohaiyo made a surprise stand-in for Fata in ESL One Genting, but it wasn't enough to stop Newbee

By Kurtis Chan on Jan 27, 2018

ESL One Genting is underway with day 2 starting with a surprise that got Malaysians on their feet. Ohaiyo, a free agent now was announced as a stand-in player for Team Secret, replacing Fata in the offlane position.

Unfortunately for Team Secret, their offlaner, Fata has fallen sick and he is not fit to be competing in day 2 of the ESL One Genting Minor Main Event against Newbee from China. The good news for them is that Fnatic's ex-offlaner and local pro Dota 2 player, Ohaiyo is a free agent after the pizza party (Dota 2 esports fans will get it).

Ohaiyo became a free agent after he was kicked by Fnatic 2 weeks ago, under 24 hours after helping the team to qualify for ESL One Katowice Major Main Event. Team Secret first announced the news in their Twitter just before their match against Newbee takes place. When Ohaiyo step into Arena of Stars where the event is happening, the crowd starting cheering loudly to the point where his name was continuously chanted.

As the decision to have Ohaiyo standing in for Fata was made rather late, they did not have adequate time to practice as a team, leading to Newbee taking the lead in the series 1-0, at the same time putting an end to Ohaiyo's Omniknight 9 straight win record. Team Secret had a dominating lead for the entirety of game 2, until Newbee Sccc's Medusa single-handedly took the game for Newbee, ending the series in a clean sweep, 2-0.

Newbee is through to the finals of ESL One Genting, awaiting the confirmation of their opponents, whether it will be TI7 champions, Team Liquid, or TI5 winners, Evil Geniuses.

Update: Newbee Is ESL One Genting's Champion! 

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