Ohaiyo Joins LGD.Forever Young

By Yue Lynn on Feb 6, 2018

Image Credit: Dota Blast
Image Credit: Dota Blast

After much speculation, controversy and a brief stint with Team Secret, Ohaiyo finally got himself a new team and that team is none other than Chinese team, LGD.Forever Young.

According to TiltReport, LGD.Forever Young was the first one to break the news on Weibo, followed by a statement by Fnatic, yesterday.

Here is Fnatic’s statement:

Today we announce the transfer of Khoo ‘Ohaiyo’ Chong Xin to the Chinese team, LGD Forever Young.

Back in January, we made the decision to make a change to our offlaner position, shifting Ohaiyo to the substitute position and bringing Saahil ‘UNiVeRsE’ Arora into the active roster. Since then, we have made Ohaiyo’s ambitions our priority, helping to facilitate a move that best suited his future within the competitive circuit.

Ohaiyo eventually zoomed in on the opportunity put forward by LFY, and as a result will be transferred to the Chinese side with immediate effect.

"Although I will no longer play with FNATIC, I still wish the team all the best of the future. Thank you for the past two and a half years, always giving us so much support and energy. Good luck!" - Chong Xin ‘Ohaiyo’ Khoo

We want to extend all our appreciation to Ohaiyo for the time spent with the organisation and all that he has achieved.

We wish him all the success moving forward with LFY!

From the aforementioned statement, take note of the phrase “shifting Ohaiyo to the substitute position”. Considering what happened back then, “shifting” definitely sounds better and more gentle than the phrase “getting kicked out”. But anyway, the past has passed and here’s to wishing all the best to Fnatic, Ohaiyo and LGD.Forever Young!

The comments on Fnatic's Facebook post regarding Ohaiyo's 'departure' showed that some peeps are still understandably salty.
The comments on Fnatic's Facebook post regarding Ohaiyo's 'departure' showed that some peeps are still understandably salty.

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