Nitrome's Greatest Hits: 8 of their best free games for your smartphones

By Dale Bashir on Aug 16, 2017

Nitrome is a gaming company that has been around since 2005. They started out with browser games and has since moved on to mobile. They have a plethora of games, covering all kinds of genres, with all of them being featured in their signature, Nitrome pixelated style. Here are some of their best games that you can download right now on your mobile phones, in no particular order whatsoever:

1.Leap Day

Some might say this is one of their most successful games, seeing as a quick Twitter search shows many fans tweeting their love for this platformer. The catch of this game, every day comes a new level for players to try their hand at it. Players control a little yellow character, Yolk, as he traverses up a tall platforming gauntlet with colorful spectators in the background cheering him on.

The game is presented as a sort of reality show that is being played by the player character. The goal is to get to the top of every new level which sounds easy at first, but every floor is filled with obstacles and enemies. Every level is around 15 levels tall and checkpoints are available on every floor, but these checkpoints have to be bought with the assortment of fruit that can be collected throughout the level. Each time a checkpoint is used, the next one will cost more to buy, thus creating a challenge of managing one's currency and survival.

2. Hop Swap

Hop Swap is a puzzle platformer where players have to jump up and down between two differently colored worlds to get to the end. Levels are separated between checkpoints, just like in Leap Day. The blue and yellow aesthetic provides for some far-out visuals in the game.  The game starts with the main character in a black and white world, discovering a huge yellow hole in the middle of his room, once he steps into the yellow he is drawn into a world of yellow and blue, losing his pajamas and arms. He must now find his way back to his own world through puzzling challenges and dastardly enemies. A great little platformer that provides a ton of challenge and replayability for the completionists out there.

3. Silly Sausage in Meat Land/ Doggy Dessert

Based on a flash game made by Nitrome on their website, Silly Sausage in Meat land and its sequel Silly Sausage Doggy Dessert are two puzzle games featuring an infinitely stretching dog going through 50 levels of platforming-puzzle goodness. With different obstacles and challenges to go through, these games will really rack your brains. It also uses the same checkpoint system of the previous two games, so trying to go for a no-checkpoint run can provide a crazy challenge for the most hardcore of mobile gamers.

4. Rust Bucket

Probably the hardest game in Nitrome's repertoire, Rust Bucket adds a whole level of difficulty with it being a turn-based puzzle game, which means with every turn you take, enemies will also take their turn at the same time as you. The goal is to get your little orange knight to the end of a stage without getting defeated along the way by moving from square to square in a grid-based arena. The enemies moves are telegraphed and the game even shows you if you landing on an enemy's square would kill you or not. The game is surprisingly robust with a 40 level campaign and an Endless mode, the game's difficulty really adds depth to the game and will keep you on your toes for days on end.

5. Redungeon

At first glance, this game might seem similar to Rust Bucket's gameplay, but it is way different from each other. Redungeon is more of an endless dungeon crawler, while Rust Bucket is a turn-based puzzle game. Redungeon has a plethora of playable characters all with their own set of special abilities. Players have to try and get to the furthest reaches of the dungeon before shadowy, beings catch up to them and end their run. This game is also one of the few games that are only published by Nitrome while being developed by another game company, Eneminds. Overall, a fun game with a lot of mileage.

6. Gopogo

Gopogo is a deceptively simple pogo-stick based arcade game, you touch and hold your character charge a jump, tilting your finger for the trajectory. What starts off simple ends up being a crazy feat of dexterity and platforming mind games. You can try your luck with the 50 levels it has, but once you finish your lives, you have to gain more by playing the endless mode to find and collect more lives. Overall a good trade, playing the game allows you to play more games. As a bonus, there are a ton of unlockable skins to collect, with othe Nitrome properties making an appearance as cameo skins like Silly Sausage and Rust Bucket. My favorite being the Ziggy Stardust-looking skin.

7. Drop Wizard Tower

The next game on our list is Drop Wizard Tower, the free sequel to the original Drop Wizard. An arcade platformer similar to the Mario Bros arcade game or Bubble Bobble. You control one of 6 wizards ascending a tower to defeat the Shadow Order, players must defeat every enemy on screen to ascend the tower and after getting a few points, they are able to level up and choose a stat to increase. The 4 stats that are able for leveling up are the players speed, stun power, magic power and health. This game was made by Neutonized and published by Nitrome. The 8-Bit Duke made a great video on this game down below:


8. Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire

The last game on this list is Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire, a sort-of vertical endless tower defense game where players must draw magical symbols to halt the onslaught of knights dropping down to raid your castle. The knights come down from the top, strapped onto to balloons with various symbols on it. The player must draw these symbols to pop the balloons, defeating the enemies. As the player levels up, there are unlockable spells and items to help the player in their mission. This game can be tricky but surprisingly the touch controls is highly responsive and any mistake is the fault of the player and not due to imprecise controls. This one takes some time to get good at and is definitely worth the price of admission, considering all the content you get from this game like Time Attack Mode, Zen Mode and more.

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