Nintendo’s Got Your Back: Labo’s Replacement Parts Are Available

By Intan Mawarni on Apr 25, 2018

Nintendo Switch’s latest nifty arts-and-crafts addition, Nintendo Labo, is officially out now. Previously, we raised some concerns about the durability of each Labo cardboard and offered some handy tips to preserve your Labo creations.  

However, it’s inevitable that some owners may be looking for Labo’s replacement parts in case one of the components is missing or damaged. Luckily, Nintendo’s Online Store is here to save your day. The store offers replacement parts for both Toy-Con sets: Variety Kit and Robot Kit.

You can purchase the components you need based on the following Toy-Con set. Let’s say you’ve already purchased the Variety Kit and need to replace a particular cardboard in order to build a piano, you can easily buy the piano cardboard pack that will cost you RM46.85 (USD$11.99). The replacement parts for house, motorbike, piano and RC car included in Variety Kit are available on store ranging from RM11.68 (USD$2.99) to RM46.85 (USD$11.99)

The Robot Kit also follows the same principle. If you need replacement parts for the robot’s visor and feet, it will take out RM23.40 (USD$5.99) out of your wallet. You can construct an entire robot without the software as well but it will cost you around RM240.76 (USD$61.62).

If the prices above are a bit too much for you, Nintendo also released each Labo’s cut-off cardboard design for free so you can print it out to your heart’s content. Grab the PDFs here.  

For those who have bought Nintendo Labo, how’s your cardboard empire coming along? Share your creative Labo invention with us through Facebook and Twitter.


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