Nintendo Switch Production Raised to 2 Million a Month, Expected to Sell 20 Million Units in 2017

By Dale Bashir on Oct 9, 2017

Well this might seem like good news for those who have not gotten their hands on Nintendo's killer handheld/console hybrid, the home of Mario announced last week that they are upping the production of the Nintendo Switch to 2 million units a month in response to the dwindling supply around the world and the ongoing demand for the console.

It is no surprise that Nintendo is increasing their supply as the Nintendo Switch has been sold out in most regions since its release, whether it is through expensive bundles or getting a slight chance at buying the console through a raffle, one way or another fans are demanding to get a hold of this new gaming phenomenon and Nintendo intends to meet that demand. Up until last June, Nintendo has sold over 4.7 million units and is expected to reach 20 million in total with the introduction of the Switch to Taiwanese markets in December and also the coming of Christmas at the end of that month.

Nintendo is also releasing the Nintendo Switch in China in 2018 and is expected to make a huge splash there as well. The continuing success of the Switch is great for Nintendo and is rising in popularity might just beat the Wii's sales record some day. Expect more Switches to be sold out by the end of this month with the release of Super Mario Odyssey on the 27th of October. 


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