Nintendo shows no signs of giving up on handheld devices by announcing new 2DS XL model

By Kin Boon on Apr 28, 2017

Image credit: Nintendo
Image credit: Nintendo

Update: It's barely half a day since Nintendo announced the 2DS XL, but it doesn't mean we can't have a look at the first special edition for the handheld device! A Dragon Quest Metallic Slime 2DS will be released on July 29 in Japan, costing 22,480 yen ($201) and it's also bundled with Dragon Quest XI. There is no word yet on an international release, but at the meantime, you can marvel at its sleek-looking design

The launch of the Switch is deemed as a huge success for Nintendo, as it have already sold more than 2.74 million units by the company’s latest count. This effectively downplays the failure of the Wii U, and most would have thought that Nintendo will be slowly phasing out the 3DS to focus more on the hybrid capabilities of the Switch. Apparently this isn’t the case, as the Japanese gaming giant has just announced a new addition to the DS lineup, the Nintendo 2DS XL.

The reveal came at a surprising time, considering there aren’t any rumors that point to a new hardware release, just barely 2 months after the Switch was launched. Being dubbed as a successor to the entry model 2DS, the new 2DS XL features a clamshell design, and it can play DS and 3DS games, but without the 3D effect. It sports the same screen size as the 3DS XL, and even though it’s lighter than said device, Nintendo clarified that it "still packs the same power" of the 3DS XL. The 2DS XL will also have Amiibo functionality via a built-in NFC support.

"This new addition to Nintendo's portable hardware line demonstrates our commitment to the hand-held market," said Nintendo of America president, Reggie Fils-Aime in a statement. "New Nintendo 2DS XL sports a beautiful clamshell design and offers a great balance between price and performance."

This might be an exciting reveal for handheld fans, but it’s still an unconventional move by Nintendo, considering major releases for the 3DS are steadily declining, while it’s also lagging behind in the visual department compared to the Switch. With that said, they might actually give us more surprises at E3 2017 by announcing new titles that’ll maintain the viability of their handheld lineup.

The Nintendo 2DS XL is slated to launch on July 28, with a suggested retail price of $150. It’ll come in black and turquoise in the US, while Japan will have the white and orange version.

Source: GameSpot

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