Nintendo fans are not happy about a certain NieR: Automata trash item, forcing Square Enix to change it

By Kin Boon on Mar 6, 2017

Image credit: Push Square
Image credit: Push Square

Japanese gamers were able to play NieR: Automata earlier than their Western brethren, and judging from the early response, it seems that everything is going well. Of course, there is no perfect game out there, but you wouldn’t have guessed the kind of fault that they managed to find in-game.

Being a role-playing title, NieR: Automata features some minigames, and fishing is predictably one of them. Although you can catch fish using your robotic companion pad, there’ll be some instances where you’ll end up with junk items, with a particular description that irks Japanese gamers.

Simply named as ‘NIN64’ in the original version of the game, many of them thought that it’s a slight against the Nintendo 64 console – and to make things worse, the item is literally marked as junk. Maybe it’s just a slight reference to MIM46 anti-aircraft missiles instead, but the damage has already been done with Square Enix being forced to patch the text, changing it to ‘Broken Firearm’.

NieR: Automata launches tomorrow in the west for PlayStation 4, with a PC release set on March 17. Let’s hope the ‘NIN64’ item will be maintained in the western version of the game, just to measure how easy it'll be to trigger gamers on that part of the world.

Source: Push Square

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