Nintendo confirms that the Switch save data can only be stored on the console’s internal memory

By Kin Boon on Mar 6, 2017

Image credit: Engadget
Image credit: Engadget

If you are a proud owner of the Nintendo Switch and you are hoping that you can transfer your save data to a memory card, we have some bad news for you. Nintendo recently updated its FAQ stating that save data can only be stored on the Switch’s internal memory and cannot be transferred.

The Data Management FAQ was updated by Nintendo to educate Switch users on how save data storage works for the console. According to it, games are stored on the system’s internal 32GB storage and it’ll be locked to that particular device. The only way for you to free up space is to delete your old save data.

This wouldn’t be a viable solution in the long run, since the Switch takes up 6.1GB for the operating system, leaving you around 25.9GB to manage. And considering the scale of modern-day RPGs, it’ll be hard for any gamers to just delete old save files after investing tens of hours into their in-game characters. Not to mention that if your Switch malfunctions or got stolen, you can literally kiss goodbye to all of your hard work.

Nintendo’s method in handling save data storage can be perceived as old school, but they were known for being strict with data management in the past. Games purchased on the Wii U or 3DS were locked to the particular system, but Nintendo did release a tool to allow limited transfers of data from one device to another, which was to accommodate user hardware upgrades such as the 3DS to a 3DS XL.

With that said, we might see a change in the future as Nintendo will be charging its users for online service, so we might have cloud saves for the Switch one day. In the meantime, hire some bodyguards and protect your save data.

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