Nintendo addresses quick fix for Joy-Con desync issue, problem won’t persist in future units

By Kin Boon on Mar 23, 2017

Image credit: Trusted Reviews
Image credit: Trusted Reviews

One of the issues plaguing the successful launch of the Nintendo Switch is the desyncing of the Joy-Con, especially the left controller. Nintendo posted a list of suggestions to rectify the problem, but the permanent solution might be as simple as inserting a little piece of black foam. This theory was addressed by Nintendo, sort of, and they also confirmed that the problem won’t persist in new Switch units.

The story for this quick fix first emerged when CNET Australia sent their left Joy-Con controller to Nintendo for a fix, and it came back with a small square of black foam in the bottom right placed on top of the antenna traces. They believed this is “a piece of conductive foam” treated with either nickel, copper or both to prevent electronics from encountering radio-frequency interference. CNET Australia even tested their theory by removing the foam, and they encounter the connectivity issues again. They also bought a new Switch console and found there isn’t any desyncing problems with the left Joy-Con, which points to Nintendo finding a fix for it since the new controller didn’t have the same piece of foam.

It turned out to be true as Nintendo has addressed CNET Australia’s story with an official statement, saying the desyncing issue wasn’t a design flaw and there were no “widespread proactive repair or replacement efforts” underway. Instead, the issue was caused by “manufacturing variation” and only a “small number” of left Joy-Cons were affected by the wireless interference. Most importantly, Nintendo confirmed that future units won’t have the same problem as the manufacturing variation has been corrected at “the factory level”, and they also found a “simple fix” for it, which should be the piece of black foam. This confirms CNET Australia’s theory when they encounter zero Joy-Con problems with their new Switch.

Source: VG 24/7

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