NieR: Automata's Asian PC release date is in April, Japanese Twitter page reveals!

By Melvyn Tan on Mar 18, 2017

The Japanese Twitter page for NieR: Automata has finally (FINALLY!) provided an update on the game's PC availability in Asian countries that have been unable to access the game's Steam store page for the past couple of weeks, after remaining silent on the matter during that period.

Although an exact release date wasn't given, it was revealed that the hack and slash RPG would be available on Steam for 'other' Asian countries in April, as some Steam users had speculated. However, they had thought that the reason for the delay would be for the Steam release to coincide with the PS4 release of its Chinese and Korean-subtitled versions. Based on this recent update, that doesn't seem to be the case.

The Asian Steam release of NieR: Automata will come with Japanese and English voice options, while subtitles will be available in Japanese, English and - from the looks of it - French, Italian, German and Spanish. There's definitely nothing in the tweet that suggests Chinese and Korean subs being included, and with this being the case, we can probably rule out language localization as the cause behind this belated release.

Here's the tweet, with its mention of "JE-Voice/JEFIGS-Sub".

Aside from the lack of mention about the inclusion of pre-order bonuses, this is great news, and those who saw the lack of any announcement that the PC version of the game wouldn't be released in Asia (aside from Japan and India) as a symbol of hope can probably break out a smile now. Still, the silence on the matter prior to this tweet has been painful, to say the least.

To be honest, had I not checked the Japanese Twitter page (the English one didn't say anything about this) for the slight chance of an update on the matter, I probably wouldn't have known about it. The Square Enix and NieR: Automata Facebook pages don't have anything posted about it, and the latter's "Happy NieR:Automata PC launch day!" post actually feels insulting to countries who can't get it on Steam at the moment, especially without awareness of the April release tweet.

To be fair, they didn't say anything about Japan's belated arrival of the Steam page either, probably due to affairs related to Japan and Asia being handled by the Japanese branch of Square Enix only. Even so, the silence feels terribly wrong. The least they could have done was tell us that enquiries would have to be directed to Square Enix Japan, in my opinion, instead of ignoring us or giving answers that weren't of any help. The Japanese Twitter page's lack of updates prior to this feels like a horribly flawed practice too, although there might be valid reasons that we don't know about.

What this update doesn't clear up is whether third-party keys are exempt from a future patch that would enable region lock. For that, I recommend that you keep a close eye on the NieR: Automata Steam discussion threads.

So, Glory to Mankind (!), and let's hope that this isn't a much too early April Fool's joke. Below's the launch trailer (for PS4, sadly) to revive some hype for 2B.

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