New Plant Vs Zombies Battle For Neighbourville Trailer Leaked

By Dale Bashir on Aug 13, 2019

It's been a good while since we've gone for another adventure with Popcap's army of botanical heroes, with the latest mainline game, Plant Vs Zombies 3, currently under beta for mobile. While the mobile side of the franchise will be getting their latest game soon, there was no word on the third instalment of the console-exclusive Garden Warfare series of games, until now. 

Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare is a sub-series of games that takes the usual characters and setting of the Plants Vs Zombies games, and placing them to in a third-person, class-based shooter. The original Garden Warfare was released in 2014 and was successful enough to warrant a sequel in 2016. 

While the game has had a healthy community, fans of the Garden Warfare series have been clamouring for a third instalment in this sub-series. And the past few weeks have been giving us a few clues, the first being EA giving a closed alpha test for something codenamed "Picnic". Next is the trademark that was made in Europe, for a game called Plants Vs Zombies Battle For Neighbourville. Today, the trailer for this game was released, showing off in fact that this game really is the much anticipated Garden Warfare 3. 

The trailer itself doesn't show off actual gameplay, but it does show returning Plants and Zombies that making it to the game. Hopefully we'll see more of this game soon and an official announcement by EA and Popcap themselves. 

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