New Planets and Cards in Alien Path's New Major Update

By Dale Bashir on Oct 3, 2017

Alien Path, a puzzle based, card collecting RPG by AppXplore Sdn Bhd, has a brand new major update in the form of Version 2.00. Along with numerous bug fixes and performance patches, the update also adds up to 150 new levels to the game. The update's content is as follows:

v2.0 Major Update is Here! - 3 New Planets have been discovered : Consist of more than 150 levels, with new menacing Robots and brand new tiles to challenge your strategy! - New card evolution system : Break the limit and further upgrade your cards after reaching card level 20! - Card runes : Enhance your card stats with runes! Evolve your cards to get runes and extra rune slots! - Improved performance

Alien Path has always been a quirky game on its own, with elements of Pokemon, Yu Gi Oh and sliding block puzzles, players must strategically move tiles to ensure that their alien character gets to dish out as much damage as possible to robot enemies that stand in your way to victory. In between battles, players get to traverse the galaxy, explore new planets and unlock and train new aliens. Check out Alien Path's all new features right now on IOS and Android devices.

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