New live-action Halo Wars 2 ads feature humourous strategic battles in the real world

By Melvyn Tan on Feb 10, 2017

Image source: YouTube
Image source: YouTube

Halo Wars 2 will feature epic real-time strategy battles between the iconic units of the Halo universe, but for its recent live-action ads, Microsoft have decided to feature humourous battles of wits between protagonist Captain Cutter and nasty big bad Atriox in the real world instead. The result? Pretty entertaining.

The current two ads feature the same premise - Cutter clashes with Atriox over something (not anything related to humanity's survival, thankfully), and strategizes a way to defeat him. It all goes well in his head, but is Atriox really that easily beaten? I'll let you guys find out yourselves (though there're some other slight spoilers ahead).

The first video in the series, called The Sale, has Cutter buying a car from Atriox. The car's priced at $6,000 - Cutter wants it for $3,000, but Atriox won't budge on the price. So Cutter looks at the audience and confidently proclaims that he will get the car for $3,000 and begins to narrate his strategy while we watch it play out. Cue scenes of Atriox showing his generousity and lowering the price by $1, Cutter commenting that the air dancer is more "flexible" than Atriox and Cutter saving evidence of Atriox' threats for his potential online review.

The second and latest video is called The Armrest, and features the two enemies sitting side by side on an airplane. Atriox' bulk means that Cutter is derived of the pleasures of the armrest, leading to the captain devising a plot involving a "small talk offensive" and a "covert ops operative" called Sammy, who's really just a child seated behind Atriox who uses his kicking to make Atriox question his "will to live".

I wouldn't call either of these videos laugh out loud funny, but they're certainly entertaining ads that do a pretty good job at placing these two Halo Wars 2 characters in simple real-world situations with a slight slice-of-life feel. I'm curious to see which "battlefield" the War of Wits will head to next.

If you prefer watching something with more gravitas, well, the game's launch trailer contains plenty of it. And speaking of launch, the game's coming out on the 21st of February, or the 17th in the case of the Ultimate Edition.

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