New Kirby and Yoshi games bring some light hearted side-scrolling fun to the Nintendo Switch

By Kin Boon on Jun 15, 2017

The main E3 press conferences are filled with your typical dose of triple-A blockbuster games, with a little a bit of indie goods here and there. While side-scrolling platforms are a rarity in any of them, this rule doesn’t apply to Nintendo, as they infused their franchise characters with a bit of 2D platforming fun, namely Kirby and Yoshi.

Both of these characters will be starring in their own games for the Nintendo Switch. Kirby (working title) will allow players to use the iconic pink round ball’s abilities, namely inhaling enemies, changing shape, and using melee weapons in combat. You can also form a group of four, either by having three other friends joining in co-op play or by recruiting your enemies. This will allow the execution of combo attacks with your party, and you can also utilize the teamwork for solving puzzles.

Yoshi (also a working title) employs almost the same gameplay style as Kirby, with a bit of Paper Mario-like twist. You can flip the environment to add some depth to otherwise a simple-looking platformer, and Yoshi comes with its classic abilities to swallow enemies before chucking them out at each other.

Both Kirby and Yoshi will release exclusively for the Nintendo Switch in 2018.

Source: Polygon, Kotaku

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