New Blood Championships (NBC) gives aspiring SEA Dota 2 amateur players a chance to shine

By Kurtis Chan on Jul 27, 2017

The New Blood Championships is a South East Asian based amateur Defence of the Ancients 2 (Dota 2) tournament that will launch in 2017. A total prize pool of USD40,000 and main event slots to Season 2 of Galaxy Battles will serve as the ultimate prize for the winners of this tournament. The brand and tournament itself is home grown and designed by two dominant e-Sports companies in the region, Purpose Win Entertainment Limited (PWEL), a Hong Kong based e-Sports organization in partnership with Fallout Gaming (FG), the leading South East Asian and Malaysian premium e-Sports marketing company.

The New Blood Championships will be the first in a series of amateur gaming tournaments across South East Asia specifically targeted at providing more exposure for aspiring competitive gamers. As the tournament is at an amateur level, all competitive tier 1 teams and players will be banned from entering this championship. The tournament is divided into 3 stages - online country qualifiers, on-ground country finals, and the New Blood Championships Main Event.

The open country qualifiers will be held across 5 countries; Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Philippines and 1 “Rest Of S.E.A” online qualifiers which consist of all other South East Asian countries. The top 16 teams from the qualifiers will proceed to the stage 2, the on-ground country finals (with exception to the “Rest Of S.E.A” qualifiers who will proceed directly to the New Blood Championships Main Event). The on-ground country finals will be a LAN event focused in high traffic venues to shed exposure on each country’s finalists. The top team from each on-ground country finals will qualify for the New Blood Championships Main Event.

Hosted in Jakarta Indonesia the New Bloods Championships Main Event will feature 1 team qualifying from each country qualifier, 1 team from the Rest Of S.E.A qualifier and 2 remaining teams of which 1 will be from GamePlan’s Dota 2 amateur tournament hosted by Genysis Esports and a remaining last slot which is yet to be announced. The 1 st and 2 nd placings from the New Blood Championships will proceed directly to the Galaxy Battles Season 2 Main Event in Manila, Philippines on 17th – 21st January 2018. All is not lost as the 3rd and 4th placed teams will proceed to the Galaxy Battles Open Qualifiers Top 16 to fight for the Open Qualifiers slot (South East Asian Region) for the Galaxy Battles Season 2 tournament.

Players who are interested can keep an eye on their official Facebook page as more information will be released soon.

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