Nerf This! DVa's Light Gun Joins Overwatch Nerf Collaboration By Hasbro & Blizzard

By Dale Bashir on Aug 5, 2018

Fans of Blizzard's massively popular hero shooter, Overwatch, can finally rejoice as official merchandise based on the various weapons in the game are finally coming to life through Hasbro's line of dart-shooting toy guns, Nerf. The latest weapon revealed to be in this line is Korean eSports hero, D.Va's Light Gun.

Usually deployed once D.Va's mech gets destroyed, the Light Gun is D.Va's only form of offence as she runs around waiting for her mech to be redeployed. This new Light Gun by Nerf is very accurate with the in-game model, from the shape to the colours used, it's perfect for D.Va mains to keep as a trophy. The blaster can shoot the usual foam darts from other Nerf lines, it has a three-round capacity, and comes with a cute D.Va bunny keychain on the handle.

This new blaster joins the previously announced Reaper shotgun, the first merchandise revealed for this toyline. The Reaper shotgun is clad in the "Wight" skin colur scheme, maybe because the original colours for the shotgun would have been too realistic for a children's toyline. Nonetheless, the Reaper shotgun has an eight round capacity and must be bought twice if you really want to capture Reaper's fighting style.

This line will be released sometime in 2019, with many more weapons to be revealed. Who knows what else is coming, maybe Reinhart's hammer? Ana's sniper? Maybe D.Va's whole mech in Nerf style. The possibilities are endless.

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