Multiple fixes for Overwatch are being deployed and it should arrive by this week

By Kurtis Chan on Apr 17, 2017


Overwatch patch 1.10 has been infested by a plethora of bugs. Some of it does not affect gameplay much, but majority are game-breaking bugs, for example the slowing effect from Mei's primary weapon and ultimate is gone, omnics will not spawn if a teammate stands at the third point entrance before the payload is repaired, and many more.

Thankfully, the Overwatch team are aware of all the issues in this patch and according to Overwatch Quality Assurance Lead, Max Thompson in the Overwatch Forum, the team will be prioritizing the following issues currently in the game:

  • Mei's primary weapon and ultimate are not able to slow enemies.
  • Projectiles are not behaving correctly when shot from on top of the payload.
  • Bots not spawning during the escort phase of the Uprising event.
  • Multiple fixes to Uprising event statistics.
  • Instant wins in some game modes under very specific circumstances.

"We should have a couple of other fixes for users experiencing a handful of very specific stability issues, and we are looking to see how quickly we can deploy fixes to the issues listed above to console as well. While we were hoping to deploy the bug-fix patch before the weekend, we decided it was more important to hold it back and ensure the quality of the patch. While this is by no means covers all of the issues that have been reported since 1.10 has gone live, these bugs are the top issues that we can fix in a timely manner without adding additional instability to the game," Thompson stated in his post. "We greatly appreciate your patience, and as always if you encounter issues that have not already reported on the Bug Report Forums, please create a new tread specific to each issue so that we can continue to track them as they come in."

When asked about Torbjorn's turret bug where it will not behave as intended on moving platforms like the ones in Volskaya Industry, Thompson also confirmed that the fix for it will also be coming along with the ones mentioned above.

The new patch for bugfix is estimated to arrive by the weekend. What are some other bugs that you encounter and think that it should be fixed as soon as possible? Let us know.

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