Most Wanted Fighterz For Dragon Ball FighterZ

By Dale Bashir on Aug 28, 2017

Dragon Ball FighterZ is shaping up to be the most hyped up fighting game coming out next year. The hype continues with a new trailer for Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Vegeta hitting the game as pre-order unlockables and available for regular players sometime after that. Counting these two new characters as their own separate characters from their regular Super Saiyan forms, there is a total of 13 characters unveiled so far. Here's a list of some other Dragon Ball characters that I hope will make their way to the game:

1.Tienshinhan (with Chiaotzu)

Android 18's character was shown to be in a tag team with her brother Android 17, with most of her combos and super moves involving her brother somehow. With this sort of mechanic, Tien and Chiaotzu would make a great addition to the game and add some variety to the solo Z Fighters. Tien could be a Guile type of character, shooting Dodonpas and have Chiaotzu using his psychic abilities to dupe opponents. His super move would be his deadly Tri-Beam which also takes away some of his health, just like Android 16's recently revealed kamikaze super. Overall, the roster has shown to favor Cell Saga era fighters and Tien would fit right in, given his role in the saga.


One of the latest Dragon Ball Z movie villains, Beerus has since become Goku and Vegeta's master and grooming them to be the next God of Destruction. This tall purple cat thing is one of the most feared Dragon Ball characters and can demolish planets in an instant. Having him as the final boss character would provide a challenge for players and a nice treat for fans of the ongoing Dragon Ball Super manga and anime. The gorgeous art style of the game would also add a nice touch for all his flashy God of Destruction attacks.


Hit is the most efficient assassin in Dragon Ball's Universe 6, his trench coat and simple fighting style make him different enough to stand out amongst the sea of fan favorites. His infamous Time-Skip move can make him dodge and make an attack at a fraction of a second, making him a character that depends a lot on countering and punishing his opponents. Hit is neither good nor bad in the franchise which is rare in Dragon Ball's usual good vs evil storylines, he only listens to the people that are paying for his assassinations. 


Zamasu is a very interesting character as he is an apprentice Supreme Kai that grew to hate mortals and set his sights on destroying everyone and everything, and the biggest difference between him and every other DBZ villain is that he succeeds in it. He was Dragon Super's biggest bad guy and really gave Goku, Vegeta and Future Trunks a hard time. Whether it is his regular Supreme Kai form, his Goku Black form or his Fused Zamasu state, any form of Zamasu is welcomed, especially for those who are looking to make the ultimate villains' dream team their mains in the game. 


He may look like a really buff, Area 51 type of gray alien, Jiren has shown to be a really powerful fighter from the very little scenes he's been in. He has been hyped up as Goku's biggest rival in the latest arc, and by the time Dragon Ball FighterZ is released next year, we would already know how his fighting style and personality is like. His fellow Pride Troopers could also be a part of move set or his victory animations. Here's hoping Jiren's hype is worth it.

6.Master Roshi

Casual fans might just think of Master Roshi as the pervy old guy with a turtle shell on his back, people should know that the Z Fighter's oldest is one hell of a fighter. He's over a hundred years old and can still kick ass. He may not be able to fly, but he is still a very capable fighter. In the last movie, Resurrection F, put Master Roshi back into the fray, defeating hundreds of Frieza's army. The latest Dragon Ball Super episodes have also shown off the Turtle Hermit's moves and he even stepped up to the plate by overcoming his pervy tendencies. Long story short, we need buffed up Roshi in this game.

7.Kid Goku

The original Dragon Ball could use a little more love with the series moving away so much from the original's humble beginnings. Before Goku could turn into every type of Super Saiyan, he was just a Sun Wukong ripoff that wanted to save the world and find Dragon Balls. His childish naivety was great back then compared to his grown-up, always fighting, parental ignorance of today. Kid Goku would have a move set based on his Power Pole and he could have a super move where he turns into a Great Ape. It would be a nice throwback to have a Super Saiyan Blue Goku standing side-to-side with his little self.

8.Yamcha (kinda)

Now, this isn't the mainline, wimpy, killed-by-a-Saibamen Yamcha, but the ultra powerful, totally non-canon, Side Story Yamcha. A spin-off manga released in 2017, Dragon Ball Side Story: The Case of Being Reincarnated as Yamcha tells the tale of a Dragon Ball fan who after a massive fall, wakes up in the body of Yamcha.

With his encyclopedic knowledge of the Dragon Ball franchise, he trains himself to be a better version of Yamcha, erasing all his shortcomings and becoming a force to be reckoned with. This version of Yamcha doesn't have his signature scars as the boy trains properly as Yamcha, powering him up in every way. This could be a joke character or even a legit good character in the game that gives Yamcha his due.

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