More skin, more sun, more fun, the Overwatch Summer Games are here!

By Dale Bashir on Aug 9, 2017

Your favorite heroes and villains from Overwatch are laying down their arms and picking up water guns instead, cuz Summer time is now! They'll be pushing each other and not the payload. No dive meta here, only diving into swimming pools. With fresh skins, brand new emotes and of course, Lucioball. 20 days of Summer time fun starts now!

As previously reported, Lucioball is back with the classic Rio de Janeiro stadium Estádio das Rãs and a brand new stadium in Sydney, Australia.  Players can spend their 3v3 futuristic football playing in two modes: the classic Lucioball and the all-new Copa Lucioball, the ranked competitive version of the game mode. So get your teams ready and bend it like Lucio!

The real winners of this event are the new skins, here are a few of our favorites (and hopefully yours too):

1.Junkrat switches his bouncy bombs for rock hard cricket balls 

2.Reaper, the word "Edge" strewn across his thigh really completes this look.

3.Mercy, she's really nailing the Sophitia from Soulcalibur cosplay here.

And let's not forget the emotes and new highlight intros, they're really getting into the summer spirit here:

1. Pharah getting her Air Jordans on

2. Someone's pissed about not getting a new skin

3. Ana having a ball of a time.

With new events come new loot boxes, good luck to all of you out there, may your lootboxes be filled with summer time goodness. Here's hoping we all don't get trashed in Lucioball that badly.

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