Monster Hunter: World X Final Fantasy 14 Collaborate To Serve Epic Behemoth Fight

By Intan Mawarni on Aug 2, 2018

Monster hunting is about to get bigger as the iconic Behemoth from MMORPG Final Fantasy 14 debuts today for the first stage of the crossover event in Monster Hunter: World. Hunters do experience a fair share of taking down majestic beasts like Kulve Taroth and Deviljho but Behemoth poses a different kind of challenge. Even Monster Hunter: World producer Ryozo Tsujimoto said, “it will be unlike most Monster Hunter fights you have ever done.”

The event kicks off today with the “standard” version of Behemoth fight. If defeating Behemoth in normal version is not good enough for you, there will be a greater fight against Behemoth ahead with the “extreme difficulty” through A Visitor from Eorzea event quest coming later on 24 August until 6 September. The successful execution of the quest will reward the hunters with layered Drachen armor and a guild card title.

Other than the imminent fight with Behemoth, the latest update features the decorative armors and weapons from the dragon-slaying Dragoons in Final Fantasy 14. Our hunter’s little companion, Palico, can look forward to dress up like Moogle or Cactuar.

Palico, kupo!
Palico, kupo!

Along with the crossover event, Capcom also announced two new events highlighting Arch Tempered Teostra and Kushala. Hunters will be battling Teostra in the Scorn of the Sun event that will occur on 10 August to 23 August. Later on September, Kushala will be the monster to beat in the Eye of the Storm quest. Both of the event quests will have gamma (y) armor sets up for grabs.

Monster Hunter: World players will have a lot of monsters and events in their hands this month. Not to mention, there is also a Monster Hunter: World X ALOOK collaboration you have to look out for. Psst, did you know Monster Hunter: World will be finally coming to PC for the first time ever? Here’s what you need to know about the PC version.

Dragoon within the hunters
Dragoon within the hunters

In the meantime, the Monster Hunter: World and Final Fantasy 14 crossover update is now live on PS4 and Xbox One. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter as well as our YouTube channel for the latest gaming updates and news.

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