Monster Hunter World Weapons TL:DR

By Nicolas See Tho on Jul 31, 2017


For those of you who are following the latest updates this will probably not be news to you, but for those casuals who play the game and are left in the dark, we are here to back you up with an easy to read summarized list of updates for the new weapons in Capcom's  Monster Hunter World. We also included the video so you get to watch the weapons being displayed in all it's glory.


Weapons: Light Section

Sword and Shield (SnS): Balanced gameplay, fast dps, allows you to use items without sheathing the weapon. Comes with new launcher attacks which aid mounting.

New move variation, which has a rising attack followed with shield bash. 

Dual Blades (DB): Demon mode, changes stance, faster dps than SnS. Demon mode has a new spinning aerial attack. 

Longsword (LS): Better reach, Spirit gauge provides extended combos, thus more damage. new counter move which gets a free evade, followed with a launcher attack.

Light Bowguns (LBG):  Movement is more fluid, the Third Person Shot mode is improved, better aiming while moving. Has a new dash and slide while attacking. Has new C4-like ammo, which you can plant on the ground.

Weapons: Heavy Section

Greatsword (GS): Powerful weapon, high single damage attacks, better impact damage, new charge animations which can be a dash or a powerful downward slash.New Charge attack in the form of a double spinning cartwheel slash.

Lance: High attacking and defensive capabilities, now lance charge has a grapple move which can grab onto the monster and mount it. 

Gunlance(GL):  Same as Lance but with additional offensive capabilities through its gun component. Has a new move whereby you can leave a bayonet that explodes when stabbed into the monster. 

Hammer: High Stun potential, great attacking capabilities,  new multi-pounding attacks which have high stun rate.

Heavy Bowgun(HBG): Same as LBG, improved mobility and aiming animations, new cluster attacks, ability to lie down prone to fire.

Weapons: Technical Section

Charge Blade (CB): Mix of SnS and Axe, uses Phials for charge attacks. New back dash roundhouse movelist + Instant switch, new dash into a roundhouse spin.

Switch Axe (SA): Mix of GS to Axe, Better Chainsaw ultra move, new combo mount, which lets you mount the monster for an explosive Elemental Discharge move. 

Hunting Horn (HH): Nothing much that's new

Bow: New Dash for certain attack animations, new bow charge attacks which add explosive power.

Insect Blade (Kinsect): Massive aerial move-set, Has inter-air movelists which allows for multiple angle attacks.


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