Monster Hunter Reveals A New Monster, The Tobi-Kadachi

By Nicolas See Tho on Nov 3, 2017

Every time we hear news of Monster Hunter World, we internally scream in delight, especially when it is about a new boss monster. This time we get a scary new monster called Tobi-Kadachi, which looks like the replacement for Kirin within the game. It's fast, deadly and also tricky to fight. Here is a quick preview of whats coming: 

So let's get a small breakdown on the Tobi-Kadachi and what it means for our hunters. First off, we can see that it is fast, and veteran MH players will probably feel that fighting the Tobi-Kadachi is similar to that of the Kirin. This time, however, instead of lightning bolts, we get static bursts of electricity which causes Thunderblight, making it easier to get stunned when hit by electric attacks. Its fast movement speed may cause quite a challenge for Great Sword users but with some adjustments to swing timing and behaviour tracking, it shouldn't be an issue. Bowgunners, however, would find that they might hold a slight advantage in terms of clear time, while in overall, the difficulty remains equal across the board. 

So are you excited about this new addition to the Monster Hunter series, let us know in the comments. 



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