Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Arrives on Switch This August

By Intan Mawarni on May 11, 2018

Many players have been calling out for a Monster Hunter game to be on the Switch. Well, Capcom has heard their pleas but Capcom’s best-selling title, Monster Hunter: World is not the one that will be arriving on Nintendo Switch.

Instead, for the first time, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate will be launched globally for the Nintendo Switch console. The game is an updated version of older 3DS port which was previously launched as Monster Hunter XX for Nintendo Switch only in Japan on August last year.

Check out the awesome trailer of Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate below:

In Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, players can expect the same exquisite gameplay that makes up a legit Monster Hunter game such as engaging in various quests to hunt for the best armours and weapons,taking down a multitude of monsters, as well as hunting monsters in six different styles of Hunter Styles.

But here’s the best part! If you have played Monster Hunter Generations on the 3DS before, you will be able to transfer your 3DS save data over to the Switch. Moreover, the game supports local and online multiplayer up to three players so you and your friends can work together to hunt down huge monsters!

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate will be coming to Nintendo Switch on 28 August 2018.

While it might not be as big as Monster Hunter: World, this game would be a great option for players who already love to play Monster Hunter on the console, even more so for those who played it on the 3DS. In the meantime, did you know Capcom is planning to release two major titles this year?

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