Moltres is the next Legendary Pokemon to make an appearance in Pokemon GO's Legendary Raid Battle

By Kurtis Chan on Aug 1, 2017

A week has passed since the Pokemon GO Legendary Raid Battle started. Thus, both Lugia and Articuno are now gone from the raid and is now replaced by the legendary bird representing Team Valor, Moltres.

Moltres will be available to challenge in the Legendary Raid Battles until Monday, August 7, 5:00 pm PDT (Tuesday, August 8, 8:00 am SGT). Similar to Lugia and Articuno, challenging Moltres will not be an easy feat, even if you're doing it with a group of friends or strangers. So here is a quick guide to having an easier time trying to take the fire bird down.

As every Pokemon Trainer have already known, Moltres is a Fire and Flying type Pokemon, making it weak against Rock type attacks (Super Effective, 1.96x damage), Water and Electric types as well (Effective, 1.4x damage). The best Pokemon to deal with the scorching flames of Moltres are Golem and Omastar. Golem is the best at countering Moltres as it is a Rock type Pokemon with Rock type attacks, which is strong against both Fire and Flying moves. The moveset to have for Golem is preferably Rock Throw as the quick move and Stone Edge as the charge move. The current Omastar is an okay Pokemon to deal with Moltres with water type moves, but if your Omastar has the legacy moveset of Rock Throw and Rock Slide, then it will be the best choice to put it in your lineup.

There are tons of other good Pokemon to bring alongside to aid you in your raid. For instance, Vaporeon, Tyranitar, and Gyarados just to name a few. Be sure you show this simple yet useful guide to your friends so that Moltres can be taken down easily. Also, good luck in catching the bird!




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