Modder took almost two years to recreate Pokémon Red in Minecraft

By Kin Boon on Mar 15, 2017

When Minecraft was released back in 2011, no one would have thought you’ll be able to play a third-party game in it, despite all the creativity freedom players are afforded in the block building epic. “Never say never” is the attitude employed by modder Mr Squishy, as he recreated Pokémon Red in the game.

He began work on the recreation in July 2015, and it took him 21 months to finish the project, with 357,000 command blocks and a resource pack being used for it. No outside tools were used for the project, meaning Mr Squishy has walked more than 2,000km in-game, which was fair considering he spent almost 2 years working on it. All of the Pokémon Red’s features and iconic bugs were even incorporated on the recreation to reflect the actual game, including the MissingNo and item duplication, but there’ll be no sound to prevent desyncing issues.

Two years might seem too long a duration for a modder to recreate an 8-bit game, but Mr Squishy is happy with his decision to pursue the project and he has a reason for it. “I love pushing the boundaries of the game. Minecraft really shouldn't be able to run Pokémon Red – it's a 3D game about building and surviving – but the fact that it can excite me. It truly shows that if you can dream it, you can make it.”

And he’s the very best in doing this. You can download all the files and play it now.

Source: Nintendo Insider

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