Modder customizes his Porsche 911 to play DOOM, which sounds cool if only it’s real

By Kin Boon on Feb 21, 2017

DOOM is an iconic shooter, one that can be played by the most casual of PC users on their not-so-fancy setups at home. And since most cars are fitted with some sort of a computer system, YouTuber Vexal manage to mod his Porsche 911 to run DOOM. Or did he?

Vexal was previously known as the guy who managed to play DOOM using a set of toasters. His ‘tutorial’ video seemed very convincing, until you noticed his slamming on the toasters didn’t sync up to the gameplay on the monitor. He did it better this time around with the Porsche, but if you pay closer attention to the video then you’ll notice something’s wrong as well. With that said, kudos to him for making such a believable video.

Just in case you got inspired and you want to try to make it actually work, or maybe you want to test the capabilities of your car, here’s a simple tutorial on how to do it:

  • Take a flash drive with a single file containing your car's VIN number.
  • Insert it into the Porsche's USB slot and start the car.
  • This will get the computer system into debug mode. Insert the DOOM CD and select it on the console screen.
  • Controls: Steering wheel – Move left or right, Honk – shoot, shift gears – change weapon

Now you are all set to literally turn your car into a killing machine. And of course, don’t blame us if you ended up damaging your car or worse, get caught by the police as you drove around like a madman.

Source: News Ledge

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