Mobius Final Fantasy coming to PC with a collaboration event of Final Fantasy 7 Remake

By David Tan on Jan 26, 2017

Square Enix announced today that Mobius Final Fantasy, a free to play mobile title will be available on PC via Steam on Feb.6. While the news is exciting as its own, the publisher also mentioned about a collaboration event of Final Fantasy 7 Remake will be coming alongside with the PC release of the game.

The Steam version of Mobius will offer full HD (1920x1080) resolution. When asked how did the team come to develop the Steam version in Square Enix’s blog post, Project Leader of the game Naoki Hamaguchi who had also worked on the Final Fantasy XIII series stated that having the experience of porting the XIII series on Steam was a big factor. While stating the differences between the Steam version and mobile version, Hamaguchi explained players will be able to enjoy the game in 60fps to 120fps on PC. The team do not have to consider shrinking data size or saving power like developing the mobile version. “Players will be able to enjoy a much richer experience that differs from mobile devices, something closer to a console experience”, he added.

For the collaboration event content of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, it is focused on Cloud as he will be making an appearance along with the player. The collaboration event will be identical with what the Japanese player experienced last year. Producer Yoshinori Kitase explained due to the good responses of the event in Japan last year, they intend on releasing the content worldwide. Here is the trailer of the collaboration event released by Square Enix Japan last November, take a peek on what is coming.

Mobius Final Fantasy was originally released back in June 2015 in Japan. It is one the more pretty Final Fantasy title on mobile, as such it is also battery consuming on devices. Being able to experience the game with crispier visuals and less restriction is a god sent for the fans. Save data for the game is shared for both PC and mobile version so if you want to warm up before its release on Steam, you can download the game for free on AppStore and Google Play Store and start playing right now.

Source: Square Enix, Polygon

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