Mobile Legends Developer Loses RM11.77 Million To League of Legends Parent Company In Lawsuit

By Intan Mawarni on Jul 19, 2018

Tencent Holdings, the parent company of Riot Games who created League of Legends finally won a lawsuit in China against the developer of Mobile Legends, Shanghai Mooton Technology Co. According to Dot Esports, Moonton has to pay 19.4 million Chinese yuan, which amounted to RM11.77 million to Tencent.

Last year, the developer of League of Legends filed for legal action to be taken towards Moonton in the Central District Court of California. In that case, Riot Games detailed several similarities and even compared them using in-game screenshots between League of Legends and Mobile Legends.

Riot Games argued the characters, their abilities, ability descriptions, the map, the textures, and other in-game assets were copied by Mooton in their famous MOBA mobile game. Other than that, the developer also claimed that Mooton captured some of the characters’ likeness from League of Legends in Mooton’s other game, Magic Rush: Heroes as shown below.

However, the case was dropped shortly after based on the fact that there was a suitable or convenient hearing in another jurisdiction or court before it was revived by Tencent this year. Tencent then filed a non-disclose and non-compete lawsuit against Mooton's CEO Xu Zhenhua in Shanghai No. 1 Intermediate People's Court, which is a court in China. Tencent also filed a separate copyright-related lawsuit, where Tencent names Mooton as a defendant and Xu Zhenhua as a company's representative.

In the aftermath, Tencent originally had to settle for 2.6 million Chinese yuan (RM1.56 million) in an official court document. However, the court ruled the original settlement by Xu Zhenhua was deemed to be incorrect and the number hiked up to 19.4 million (RM11.77 million) Chinese yuan.

But this might not be the end. Dot Esports cited sources that Tencent may be joining forces with Riot Games for another similar lawsuit. Tencent intends to sue Moonton of an additional copyright infringement case for other Tencent’s top MOBA game in China known as King of Glory in the future.

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