Mercy has a glitch that turns her into an angel in Overwatch

By Kurtis Chan on Mar 13, 2017

Overwatch has its fair share of glitches and bugs ranging from game changing ones like Reinhardt able to swing his hammer around while holding his shield up and D.Va launching herself out of the map in Ecopoint: Antartica when exiting her mech, to visual ones like the controversial Mei waist size on the Year of the Rooster skins. This new glitch falls into the latter where it will not break the game. If you see your team's Mercy wandering off somewhere and ignoring all "I need healing" requests, she might most probably be trying out this glitch.

Reddit user, Rosilia discovered a Mercy visual glitch where she can spread her wings from the Valkyrie suit if the correct steps were followed.

Here are the steps to pull off this glitch as stated by Rosilia. "You may not be able to tell from first person. I basically jump and hold down space, and quickly let go to say hello with the communication wheel before holding space again. I did this for about ten minutes and every time was successful. I haven't tested it out with the keybinded version yet though," Rosilia stated under the comments of her post.

The GIF Rosilia posted on the Overwatch subreddit went viral and many players have been speculating that the change was intended and the community thinks it's awesome and it should be allowed to stay in the game forever.

If this is indeed a glitch, it is definitely the best one yet in Overwatch and I do hope that Blizzard will not patch it out since I've been playing as her quite a lot after her buff.


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