Mei haters will definitely want this new game breaking bug to stay in Overwatch

By Kurtis Chan on Apr 13, 2017

A new bug lurked its way into Overwatch along with the new patch, new PvE game mode and new Lucio. The only thing not new is the recipient of this game breaking bug, Mei. Players who hate having Mei in the enemy team will be overjoyed with this new bug and wish that it remains in the game forever. user, DarkHollow discovered the bug and posted about it in the Overwatch Forum with a YouTube link to a video that demonstrates how the bug works.

The way this bug works is rather simple and no special steps are needed in order for it to work. Everyone knows that Mei's primary fire (left click) and her ultimate ability slows and freezes the enemies, however the bug actually removes the slowing effect. Without the slowing effect, it allows the enemy to quickly make an escape before getting froze, "Ni Hao-ed" and taking an icicle onto their face. Her ultimate is practically useless as the enemy can actually leave the Blizzard AoE, even for those who are standing dead center of the AoE before they are frozen by it.

According to Overwatch Principal Designer, Geoff Goodman, the Overwatch team is aware of the bug and tested a fix internally before rolling it into live servers. "We've identified that cause of the bug and have a fix for it internally. We'll get it out to you guys as soon as we can, sorry about that," Goodman stated in the Overwatch Forum.

Even though the Overwatch team already have a fix for the bug internally, but the fix has not arrive to the game yet as I have tried the bug out before this news was published. Mei mei-ns mains are advised to refrain from picking her in games for the time being, and Mei haters can enjoy the Mei-free experience until the exterminator does his job.

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