Megazords have come to lay waste in Power Rangers: Legacy Wars

By Dale Bashir on Oct 19, 2017

The mighty Megazords have come to wreak havoc and level buildings in the latest update for Power Rangers: Legacy wars. Players can log in and receive the giant robots of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and fight other players in giant battles across Angel Grove. Not only Megazords are available to play, giant monsters are also available to play, with the original Power Ranger's recurring foe, Goldar being the first giant monster available to be played.

Along with the gold-clad monstrosity, the original Megazord will be the first Megazord players will receive, with the Thunder Megazord, the samurai-like Megazord made up of the Thunder Zords of season 2 of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and the evil Predazord from Power Rangers Wild Force. These four giants are the only ones available now, with many more to be released via updates soon.

The Zords are way more powerful than the individual Rangers, with way more health and attack power. Typically, players are able to use one Ranger and bring two assists Rangers. With the Megazord Mode, you can only have one Megazord at a time and the Assists button is used to activate the Zord's special attacks instead. The special attacks have way more attack costs than usual attacks, needing up to 7 action points to use.

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is building up quite a reputation for itself, from being an event in the Amazon Mobile Masters last weekend, to providing new ways to play and tons of fanservice to long-time fans of the franchise. The series is approaching its 25th anniversary next year and we can't wait to see what other special events they have in store for it.

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