Meet the New Denizens from Gadgetzan in Hearthstone's Latest Expansion

By Ivan Cheong on Nov 5, 2016


Hearthstone's latest expansion gets you up and personal with the crime syndicates of Gadgetzan with the announcement of Mean Streets of Gadgetzan! This crime syndicate themed Hearthstone expansion is based on the newly progressed trade town of Gadgetzan. The influx of trade brought not only progress but also attracted 3 crime syndicates to compete for the riches that Gadgetzan offers.

This reveal is not just about more new cards but the expansion also brings a brand new card archetype; Tri-Class Cards. The Hearthstone panel at BlizzCon today introduced 9 tri-class cards that will totally make gameplay even more crazy than it already is. These new cards are divided into three different groups. Within their respective groups, the tri-class cards can be used by THREE different classes instead of just one to expand deck building possibilities.




Speaking of crazy new gameplay, check out this video on the brand new Legendary card Kazakus whereyou can customize your own spell!


Mean Streets of Gadgetzan is set to release later this year. Find out more about the expansion over here.

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