McCree and Reaper receives massive buff in the latest Overwatch patch. Will there be a place for them in the meta?

By Kurtis Chan on Jun 1, 2017

A new patch has arrived in the Overwatch PTR for testing. Besides the new Horizon Lunar Colony map that was introduced by Blizzard earlier, two heroes in Overwatch that are really in need of buffs finally gotten what they deserve in this patch- McCree and Reaper. Let's check out the highlights of this patch.

New Assault Map: Horizon Lunar Colony

Built as a first step towards humanity's renewed exploration of space, the Horizon Lunar Colony’s goal was to examine the effects of prolonged extraterrestrial habitation—on human and ape alike. The scientists’ research proved incredibly promising...until, suddenly, all contact and communications with the base were lost.

New Legendary Skins

  • Oni Genji and Officer D.Va have been added to classic loot boxes

Custom Games and Game Browser

  • Player gravity and projectile gravity can now be modified
  • Knockback magnitude can now be modified on any weapons or abilities that have a knockback effect
  • Jump height can now be modified



  • Deadeye
    • Targets now begin locking on after 0.2 seconds, instead of 0.8 seconds
    • Damage accumulated over the first 1.0 seconds increased from 20 to 80 (damage per second after the first 1.0 seconds is unchanged)

Developer Comment: McCree’s ultimate can deal a lot of damage if it has a lot of time to build up, but it was often too difficult to get even a small amount of damage out before being stopped or killed. These changes make it more flexible and powerful.


  • The Reaping (Passive)
    • Removed health orbs
    • Now regains 20% of all damage done to heroes as health

Developer Comment: Reaper’s old healing passive was useful if you could kill a bunch of enemies in a row. But since enemies needed to be dead for it to work, it wasn’t very helpful unless the situation was already in your favor. His new passive lets him get immediate benefit from it, especially when fighting Tank heroes, which tend to be larger targets that deal lower damage.


  • Head hitbox size reduced by 20%
  • Scrap Gun
    • Bullet damage decreased by 33%
    • Fire rate increased by 30%
    • Clip size increased from 4 to 5

Developer Comment: Roadhog’s head was abnormally large compared to similarly-sized characters, so we’re reducing its size to increase his survivability. The Scrap Gun changes reduce the power of his hook combo and alternate fire burst damage potential while still keeping his DPS roughly the same.

It's High Noon

McCree's Deadeye buff in this patch will make him some sort of duelist where he can easily pick off low health targets and even heroes with lower hitpoints like Soldier:76, Tracer, Genji and many more.

Deadeye in the live servers are mostly used as a zoning tool to get the enemy to stay away from the point or payload, but now it can be used as an assassination tool as well. Most of the time you will not be able to find a safe spot to avoid being killed by Deadeye as it locks on to the target in a blink an eye. His ultimate charges up so rapidly that he may potentially be the ultimate killing machine, provided that you can hit your shots first.

Die! Die! Die!

Reaper got a minor rework to his passive. Fallen enemies will not drop souls now for Reaper to regen his health, but instead his passive allows him to regain 20% of damage done to heroes as health, which is similar to life steal in MOBA games. For example, if Reaper does a total of 100 damage in a single shot, he will regain 20 health as a result.

His basic attack is not the only way to regain health, his ultimate, Death Blossom will have the same passive as well. If the damage is not blocked, absorbed, deflected, or if Reaper is not slept or stunned, he can channel his full ult and literally take no damage as he regains so much health per second. For your information, Death Blossom deals 170 damage per second for 3 seconds. If his ult hits one person for full 3 seconds, he will regain 102 health. Imagine ulting 6 enemies. Deadly!

Both McCree and Reaper will most probably be shifted into the meta when this patch hits live servers. Head over to Overwatch PTR now if you want to try out these buffs.

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