Malaysia's Top League of Legends team Kuala Lumpur Hunters are looking for a new Hunter to join the team

By Kurtis Chan on Sep 25, 2017

Malaysian League of Legends players who are looking to enter the professional scene, here is your chance to prove yourself to be worthy of being a professional League of Legends e-Sports athlete as Kuala Lumpur Hunters, the team that has been reigning terror over the Malaysian League scene is recruiting a new Hunter to join the team and hunt down anyone who stands in their way.

With the team's current Support player, Bipolar taking over the manager role for Kuala Lumpur Hunters and putting his playing career on hold, the team has to look for someone who is worthy enough to fill his shoes, or his afro. The rank requirement is preferably Diamond 1 and above but all ranks are encouraged to apply as they will look at every single submission. As for characteristics, good attitude is the most sought after attribute, the ability to accept criticism and work in a team is also essential to be a Hunter.

If you think you have what it takes to be the next Hunter, head over to and register for tryouts. Registration will be closing very soon so better act fast!

Kurtis Chan
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Assistant Editor at Gamehubs who is an e-Sports enthusiast (mainly on League of Legends and Overwatch). Still saving up for a PS4.....
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