Malaysian indie game, Re:Legend, makes it big on Kickstarter

By Dale Bashir on Jul 31, 2017

Re:Legend, a new indie monster-raising, multiplayer JRPG, by Magnus Games was completely funded in 18 hours from putting up their Kickstarter campaign and has now made twice the amount required for the project to lift off. The initial goal for Re:Legend was S$70,000, which in just a few days has amassed about S$145,000 pledged to them from backers all around the globe. This assures that at least 3 stretch goals of their campaign will be implemented into the game, which are live orchestra recording for the game's music, new player run shops and advanced house customization.


Re:Legend is being developed by Magnus Games, a small team of 6 developers out of Serdang, Selangor and are big fans of JRPGs and Harvest Moon. They have been working together since October 2016. They worked together on Re:Legend and put the project through the Square Enix Collective Campaign, which provides indie games with support from resources from Square Enix themselves in the development of their games. For a game to pass Square Enix's campaign, they need to amass support from gamers everywhere, who can vote and increase the game's approval rating which in turn decides whether they get Square Enix's backing. In Re:Legend's case, the had a 99% YES approval rating, which is great news for the team at Magnus Games. They then put the project on Kickstarter to gain the rest of the funding needed to make the game.

Players get to choose their classes and play with their friends
Players get to choose their classes and play with their friends

Enter the world of Ethia, where players get to customize their characters and enter a world where they can raise and evolve monsters known as "Magnus", that can help the players in all sorts of things, including farming, combat and mining. The players arrive on Vokka Island, with no memories of their past and must survive and reclaim their memories by defeating vicious "Magnus" and overcoming every challenge along the way. The players are not alone, as the game supports 4-player co-op gaming, with players being able to connect with their friends and their own "Magnus" to conquer the threats that lie on Vokka Island. The game's soundtrack is being composed by Shota Nakama, Falk Au Yeong and Yoshitaka Suzuki, who have all contributed to the soundtrack of Final Fantasy XV and more. 

Overwhelming support from all corners of gaming
Overwhelming support from all corners of gaming

Overall, we are excited for Re:Legend and we hope that more stretch goals get through as they still have the rest of the month to get backers. They're halfway towards getting a Switch port and a bit more after that for XBox One and PS4. The game will be available on PC by 2018.

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