Malaysian female DOTA 2 team clinched top spot in FSL

By Kurtis Chan on Jan 26, 2017

Malaysian Dota 2 all girls team, Grills Gaming were crowned champions in the Female SEA League 4 after defeating their opponents, Team DIA from Thailand at the finals with the score of 2-1 in an intense best of 3 series.

What is FSL?

The Female SEA League (FSL) was founded back in 2013 and the aim of the league is to allow female Dota 2 players from countries in Southeast Asia to team up and showcase their skills and knowledge of the game. A total of 23 teams participated in FSL and Grills Gaming (GG) proved that they are the best all-female Dota 2 team in Southeast Asia.

Grills Gaming

Grills Gaming features an all Malaysian roster with Stephanie "auroraa" Lim as the captain. The rest of the members are Bette "istarx" Chia, Tiffani "Oling" Lim, Wei Sian "TimunSama" Wong and Nicole "Catosaurus" Lim. The team was initially introduced as Team Half-Bloods during the 2015 Malaysia Cyber Games and all of the players had experience competing in tournaments with different teams before coming together as Grills Gaming. Here are the roles they play for the team:

  • Stephanie “auroraa” Lim: Captain and drafter of Grills Gaming, ruler of the mid lane.
  • Tiffani “Oling” Lim: Takes on the hard support role, collecting the proper resources for her team. Signature heroes: Dazzle and Vengeful Spirit.
  • Wei Sian “TimunSama” Wong: Roaming support of the team, ganking lanes with her signature Lion and Earthshaker 
  • Bette “istarx” Chia: Plays the carry position where she’s able to flash farm creeps early on in the game and provides damage with heroes like Luna or Phantom Assassin.
  • Nicole “Catosaurus” Lim: Offlaner of the team, flexible in the role of support and carry. Her Faceless Void and Tidehunter plays aided the team to emerge as champions.

The Struggles in a Female e-Sports Team

In an interview conducted by Stadium Astro, GG's member Tiffani "Oling" Lim stated the reasons on the topic of why there are not many female gaming teams out there and what are the issues faced while forming a female team.

"Over the years I've played in many female teams, and more often than not it's plagued with issues. First you have the attitude problems, as girls have the tendency to overreact to criticism, hindering team improvement in games. That aside, it's tough to find girls who share the same goals and visions - it's just too easy to let the attention get to your head before you actually achieve anything. Then you need to consider commitments such as studies and work, also the geographical factor - if you can play or train together on LAN. 

For the longest time we were hard pressed to find five like-minded and skilled girls to join our team, yet we kept stubbornly clinging on to our pride that it has to be a full-female lineup.

So now you know why there are so few female teams out there, and thus why this champion title means so much to each of us. The moment of victory, when the opponent's throne was destroyed, the five of us screamed in unison and slammed our fists on the table. And we turned around to see our coaches who came down to surprise us, beaming proudly at us outside the booth. And that was it... by far the most unforgettable moment in my life," said Tiffani in the interview.

Congratulations to Grills Gaming, GGWP!


Source: Stadium Astro


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