Magnus Games Studio becomes the first local studio to sign a worldwide publishing deal

By Jasmin on Mar 23, 2018

Our very own Magnus Games Studio has become the first Malaysian gaming company to sign a publishing deal with an international company, Italian publisher Digital Bros, through its subsidiary: 505 Games, known for publishing games like Payday 2, Abzû and Overkill’s The Walking Dead. This deal will see Magnus’ upcoming indie game Re:Legend be marketed and sold on Steam to players on a global scale.

This means that a homegrown, Malaysian-made game could be played by players in North America, Western Europe and greater Asia. Speaking at the announcement ceremony, co-founder DC Gan expressed his excitement with this opportunity to work with Digital Bros saying:

“It is an absolute honour for a budding studio like Magnus to be partnering a major publisher such as Digital Bros. We are thrilled with the market opportunities for Re:Legend that this worldwide publishing agreement brings. We worked hard and poured our passion into making this game enjoyable for our supporters and fans, and we hope to bring the game to the next level through our experience working with 505 Games and Digital Bros to grow Re: Legend into a global franchise and at the same time mature into a leading player in our region.”

If you’re unfamiliar with Re:Legend, it is a monster-raising multiplayer simulation RPG inspired by classic farm simulation games like Harvest Moon (also published by 505 Games), Monster Rancher and Stardew Valley. The game allows players to catch and raise magical monsters known as Magnus; train farming and fishing skills; build a village and even play with other players!

It received a record breaking 99% upvotes in the Square Enix Collective - where creators can post their game ideas and gamers themselves judge whether those ideas should become a reality. Following this, brothers DC and Welson Gan decided to start a month-long Kickstarter campaign where they broke records once more by raising 900% of their target from backers all around the world, making them the most crowd-funded game in South East Asia.

Raffaele Galante, Chief Operating Officer of Digital Bros has given high praise to Magnus and Re:Legend, calling it such a detailed and creative game that it would appeal to both casual and serious gamers.

“We have strongly believed in this project far before the beginning of the Kickstarter campaign and we are very pleased to finally have the chance to announce it here today with Magnus Games Studio and the support of Malaysia’s MDEC. It is a promising project with passion, novelty, and creativity. Our cooperation with Magnus Games Studio on Re: Legend further confirms our footprint in Asia and our increasing focus on Asian markets, where expectations from fans for games are proving to be very high.”

While the team couldn’t confirm an official release date, they are definitely aiming for the game to be launched this year. As DC and Welson Gan alongside the Magnus Games Studio team press on for a beta release, we give them our full support and best wishes for Re:Legend’s success and for future projects.

For more information on Re:Legend, visit the game’s official website or its Kickstarter page

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