Magic: The Gathering Grand Prix Kuala Lumpur Concluded With Some Very Unlikely Winners

By Justin Chee on Oct 26, 2016

Magic: The Gathering Grand Prix Kuala Lumpur, which happened last weekend was actually a pretty massive ‘gathering’ of MTG players over the course of a three-day-full (October 21st to 23rd) event. Held at Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre and organised by Wizards of the Coast and Chain Links Events, the MTG convention attracted over 1000 players from around the world who had signed up in various competition formats in order to bag attractive cash prizes and MTG-centric rewards. Conversely, It has only been three weeks that MTG’s latest expansion Kaladesh was released, hence, Grand Prix Kuala Lumpur follows closely the mechanics of the Kaladesh set and the players are the first in the world to play competitive MTG with the new set of cards!



The Main Event

The main event is the Standard Constructed format tournament where players participated using their very own constructed decks comprising MTG’s latest expansion sets. The main event features an attractive cash prize of $10,000 for 1st place or champion (that’s a pretty whopping sum), $5,000 for 2nd place finalist, $2,500 for 3rd and 4th place; up to a total of $35,000 cash prizes that would be distributed to 180 placings based on the number of participants who signed up for the main event (prize money will be paid up to 64th place if participation is 0-2,999 and paid up to 180th place if participation is over 3,000).

Moreover, players got to collect high amounts of Planeswalker Points multipliers and exclusive promo cards available only at Grand Prix KL. Planeswalker Points is a worldwide system that rewards players who participated (and win) in every sanctioned event by Wizards of the Coast.

Side Events

In addition to the main event, there were Side Event tournaments where players signed up for other and various MTG format tournaments aside from the main Standard Constructed event - such as Modern, Sealed, Chaos Sealed, Turbo Mini-Master, Legacy and 2 Headed Giant. With the collected points in the event, players got to exchange their points for exclusive and coveted MTG prizes.



Top 8 Winners

For the main event, a total 769 players had a run at the trophy and the $10,000 prize money, which at the end of it all was Fumiya Matsumoto from Japan who came in at first place through his winning match against Mark Lawrence Tubola from the Philippines in the finals. Matsumoto himself also made the Top 8 a month ago at Grand Prix Kyoto. Congratulations!

Mark Lawrence Tubola and Fumiya Matsumoto

While the Top 8 of Grand Prix KL has four accomplished veteran Japanese players (Matsumoto included), you might be surprised to know that 1st Runner Up Tubola, 4th place Anthony Lee from Australia and 6th place Marcus Oh from Singapore are first timers who did exceptionally well with a 9-0 finish in Day 1 and 2. Last but not least, Malaysian veteran Au Yong Wai Kin also made Top 8 (7th place) but has been in a sixteen-year hiatus from MTG Grand Prix events! For those looking to start Magic: The Gathering competitively, perhaps these players would serve as an inspiration.

L-R: Anthony Lee, Marcus Oh, Mark Lawrence Tubola

Au Yong Wai Kin     

International Vendors

Grand Prix Kuala Lumpur is not just a tournament-based event but also featured MTG vendors from Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and locally who are the official traders and dealers of MTG cards and products during the three-day convention.




Three MTG artists were also invited to offer card and playmat signings and sales of their original arts and sketches, the artists were Christine Choi from Seattle, USA, Titus Lunter from Copenhagen, Denmark and Lius Lasahido from Jakarta Indonesia. Stay tuned to Gamehubs as we will be featuring the interviews with these artists in a separate article shortly.

Lius Lasahido

Titus Lunter

Christine Choi

Source: Magic: The Gathering 

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