Magic: The Gathering - Kaladesh Available In Malaysia Now!

By Justin Chee on Sep 24, 2016

Hey folks, I know it's unorthodox to see an article about trading card games here on Gamehubs but we're nonetheless fans of that form of 'gaming'; and we're pretty sure that some (if not most) of you are TCG players at some point of your lives (like who doesn't play Pokemon TCG?). Before I digress further in rubbing too much of my personal TCG notions all over, Magic: The Gathering - Kaladesh set is now available at your nearest Magic: The Gathering resellers! 

I, myself is a complete noob (and mind you that I rarely use this term on myself) at Magic: The Gathering, only wielding a tiny recollection of a very short stint back in the 90s before Pokemon mindrotted my entire childhood away. But as an editor, I have made some simple research only to find out that Magic: The Gathering's latest (and 72nd) expansion set Kaladesh is also the first set in the Kaladesh block. What is a 'block' you ask? Well, a block in MTG terms refers to a composition of expansion sets, for example the Kaladesh block will include the expansion set named Kaladesh and a smaller expansion set named Aether Revolt (to be launched in January 2017). 

But this isn't an MTG education centre. Wizards of the Coast announced that Magic: The Gathering - Kaladesh is NOW available through pre-release events this weekend, starting 24th September 2016 until 25th September 2016 and will be officially released after that on the 30th of September in participating retailers across Malaysia. The pre-release events happening NOW are 'Sealed Deck' format events where players are given Prerelease Packs (includes 6 Kaladesh boosters, dice, and a special prerelease holofoil card dated 24-25th September) and limited time to construct a 40-card minimum deck to battle with another player. To find your nearest Magic: The Gathering stockist or reseller, go to and key in your township or city to unravel the nearest MTG retail outlets. My only tip if you want to get into MTG? Go ahead and have fun! The community of Magic: The Gathering in Malaysia is made up of friendly and charismatic people who are more than willing to introduce you to the game without ulterior motives, unless you've got a masterpiece.  

The Kaladesh expansion in short features 264 new cards, is the first of the Kaladesh block and derives its thematic elements from the world of Kaladesh itself where incredible craftmanship, wondrous magical artifacts, and beautiful inventions are a staple sight. In this expansion set, it has an optimistic air to it and players will see new rules such as 'Create' and 'Fabricate', 'Vehicles', 'Energy' and energy counters, all of which represent the inventive theme of the Kaladesh world. 

Check out some of the cards here:





If you would like to pick up Magic: The Gathering, this is probably the perfect time to do so as the Kaladesh expansion set is the first set in the Kaladesh block. Perhaps, we'd bump into you tomorrow or in the official launch on the 30th of September! Use to find your nearest Magic: The Gathering participating retailer near you.






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