M8 Gaming looking to form an all girls Overwatch team

By Kurtis Chan on Mar 22, 2017

Malaysian e-Sports organization, M8 Gaming recently announced an exciting news for female Overwatch players who are interested in becoming an Overwatch pro player as the organization is looking to form their very first All Ladies Team.

M8 Gaming has recruited and trained more than 50 players and have become one of the top e-Sports team in Malaysia. M8 Gaming has not only organized events but also made a name for themselves through their achievements in Hearthstone and Overwatch in Malaysia as well as the SEA region. By forming an all girls team, it will not only further challenge the stereotype that games are meant for boys to play, but also bringing the female e-Sports scene to a greater height.

Requirement to join M8 All Ladies Team (Team Name is not final yet)

  1. Able to commit 2 hours training, 2 times a week . (Schedule will be based on team availability)
  2. Able to communicate in English
  3. Able to join Online / LAN tournaments ( If LAN tournaments is big enough M* Gaming might consider flying you to KL to join)
  4. Must have a mic / Know how to use Discord for communication purposes
  5. Must NOT BE A SALTY PERSON. The founder of M8 values personality a lot and everyone in M8 treats each other like family
  6. Must have a positive mindset and to be able to receive and accept criticism, as well as able to provide feedback and criticism
  7. Non Malaysians are welcomed but must be able to communicate in English
  8. Decent Internet / have VPN's on monthly basis.
  9. Must not be in any team currently to avoid misunderstanding or unhappy disputes
  • You will be given 3 -6 month of probation
  • All Roles are welcome
  • Able to swap roles during probation period if found not suitable
  • Looking for 6 Players only (Include 1 permanent Sub)
  • Tryouts will be done via online
  • Aim for this team is to recruit players that have hidden and growing potential 
  • Must stay with the team for at least 1 year after selected

Girls, here is your chance to show that you can be as good as the boys, or even better than them in gaming! If you're interested in creating history with M8 Gaming, click here to register for a chance to be part of M8's all female Overwatch team. Visit M8 Gaming's Facebook page for more information and to learn more about them.

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