Lunastra Arrives In Monster Hunter: World’s Latest Update

By Yue Lynn on Jun 1, 2018

After challenging hunters with the likes of Deviljo and Kulve Taroth, Monster Hunter: World welcomes another update and another Elder Dragon to the fray, Lunastra! Dubbed, “Empress of Flame”, she will be joining her male companion, Teostra (who has been in Monster Hunter: World from the start), providing players with two formidable opponents to go up against.

Lunastra will be teaming up with her mate, Teostra, and bonding with him to unleash powerful attacks. Truly a power couple indeed. Hunting parties should brace themselves for double the trouble when fighting the twosome with the reward of acquiring some sweet carving materials.

Speaking of sweet materials:

“Another unique aspect of Lunastra’s physiology is that rare materials carved from her seem to be resonating strangely with materials from other monsters. The Smithy was able to master the technique for combining a Bazelgeuse Gem to unlock the “Guts” skill, adding a tactical defensive ability to Lunastra weapons. Materials from Nergigante and Xeno’jiiva have also shown the potential to resonate with Lunastra, so check with the Smithy when you’ve successfully completed your hunt against Lunastra.”


According to Polygon, for the first time in Monster Hunter: World, these weapons will come with armour skills attached to them.


Additionally, Lunastra’ appearance sparked some changes to the Elder Dragon ecosystem as Capcom’s best selling title to date had teased sightings “of even more powerful Tempered Elder Dragons”, dubbed the "Arch-Tempered Elder Dragons" with further details to come in the future. Here's some art for two of them!

Arch-Tempered Kirin:

Arch-Tempered Vaal Hazak:

According to Capcom’s official description, Lunastra is highly aggressive and her capacity to alter the environment around her is unmatched. Oh and hunters, please do steer clear from her blue fire! Good luck and happy hunting!

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All images are courtesy of Capcom.

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