Looks Like Stardew Valley is About to Get a Whole Lot Bigger

By Dale Bashir on Nov 15, 2017

After a successful launch on Nintendo's hottest console, Stardew Valley creator Eric Barone is hard at work at some upcoming additions to his hit farming game, especially the highly coveted multi-player mode.

In a tweet shared last week, Eric Barone showed off some brand new cabins that players will soon be able to build on their own. He also notes that multiplayer is "coming along great" and that's nothing but good news for fans of the game.

This co-op extension of the game allows for 4 players to build their farms and live together on the same patch of land. Together they can socialize and interact with the denizens of Stardew Valley, take down monsters and craft items, all while maintaining their crops through the seasons.

The developer also teased some more new structures coming to the game, with a boat cabin being next. He also ensures that this new update also affects single-player and is still keeping some secrets to himself. The update will be free and will come along sometime in 2018. Owners of the Switch will definitely be happy with playing this game cooperatively on-the-go.

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