Lionsgate Partners With Los Angeles Valiant To Promote Ash vs Evil Dead

By Yue Lynn on Feb 24, 2018

Los Angeles Valiant team showing off the new jerseys.
Los Angeles Valiant team showing off the new jerseys.

Overwatch League has now received a dose of Hollywood as Lionsgate freshly “announced a partnership with the Los Angeles Valiant of Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch League to promote season three (premiering on Sunday, February 25, 2018, on Starz) of the Starz Original Series Ash vs Evil Dead.” With the existence of this partnership, this means that Ash vs Evil Dead will be LA Valiant’s only and “exclusive jersey sponsor through at least Stage 2 of the inaugural season of Overwatch League.”

Soon modelling the new jersey.
Soon modelling the new jersey.

Aside from some name dropping action on the jerseys, LA Valiant fans will also benefit from this sponsorship as they “will be given unprecedented access to Ash vs Evil Dead experiences, including exclusive screenings at Lionsgate’s studios in Santa Monica, Q&A/AMAs with creative voices behind the franchise, meet-and-greets, and more.”

Verbo modelling the new jersey.
Verbo modelling the new jersey.

The on-fleek Ash vs Evil Dead-sponsored jerseys will make their premiere appearance in competition during the first week of Overwatch League’s Stage 2, when the LA Valiant play the Shanghai Dragons at on Saturday, February 24th (Malaysian time: 9am on Sunday, February 25th).

All images are courtesy of Overwatch League.

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