Lineage2: Revolution Players Can Now Participate in Open Fortress Siege

By Dale Bashir on Oct 2, 2017

New things keep on coming with Netmarble's mobile MMORPG, Lineage2 Revolution, with the latest being in the new Open Fortress Siege. The previous iteration of Fortress Siege only allowed players and members of the clans they are in, to invade fortresses of other clans together and earn rewards together. With the new Open Fortress Siege, the main gist of it is the same, only now players can choose to go into it alone or with up to five party members, there is also no level limit, so players of all skills can enjoy this mode together.

Another new addition to the game is with the new cosmetic cloaks that player can equip and upgrade. The cloak comes in personal and clan varieties. The clan cloaks are special as the buffs it gives and its appearance is all up to the clan leader.

The biggest mode to come out of this update is the Temporal Rift, the latest kind of raid you and your party members can experience in an all-new update for Lineage2: Revolution. With these new areas, there is a whole new style of play to the raid and there is even a story that plays out throughout the Temporal Rift. Massive bosses await you at the end of the rift and will net you some rare items and some upgrades for your cloak.

So if you're playing Lineage2: Revolution, download the update now and enjoy the tons of content that they have added into the game today.

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