Life is Strange Comics Series Resumes From One Of The Shocking Endings

By Intan Mawarni on May 4, 2018

WARNING: If you’re planning to play Life is Strange or haven’t reached to the final episode yet, don’t read any further because SPOILERS ahead!

Since the final episode of Life is Strange was released, fans all over the world are still debating on which of the two endings are canon. Well, this debate is ready to be settled once and for all in this new comic series.

In case you missed it, famous publisher Titan Comics is going to release a four-parter comic series entitled Life is Strange: Dust, which continues the story of beloved Life is Strange characters, Max and Chloe,  in the Arcadia Bay.

Whether you rewind the time to save Arcadia Bay from the raging hurricane and let Chloe be history or you let the storm pass and live happily ever after with Max’s best friend, it seems the comics choose to continue beyond the ‘saving Chloe’ ending.

The comic’s description from Amazon illustrates the continuation below:

“In the videogame Life Is Strange, aspiring photographer Max Caulfield returned to her hometown of Arcadia Bay in order to attend the prestigious Blackwell Academy. There, in response to a shocking and violent event, Max developed superhuman time travelling powers.

Powers that brought her back into contact with her former best friend, Chloe Price. Powers that thrust her into conflict with all manner of threats - personal, parental, and supernatural. Powers that led to a final, fatal decision with epic consequences - an impossible hurricane that swept into the Bay, as Max's temporal tinkering with cause and effect bore deadly fruit!

Following on from one of two possible endings of the game, Life Is Strange: Dust takes the saga of Max and Chloe into a new and uncertain future, in an all-new comic strip adventure.”

That’s an absolutely good description which points out that Chloe and Max might be together after all. This is coming from a person (yes, me) who chose to sacrifice the whole population of Arcadia Bay to save Chloe, so needless to say I’m rooting for this ending to set the course of the upcoming comic series.

A question for Life is Strange fans: will you pick up the comic series regardless of the two debatable endings?

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