Legion of Heroes Given A Fresh Perspective With The Latest Update

By Dale Bashir on Nov 21, 2017

Epic mobile MMO, Legion of Heroes is getting a whole bunch of new content with the new Legacy update, available now for Android devices. Since 2014, the game has been amassing a huge following and has thousands of players across the world. Those returning to the game after a massive maintenance of the game yesterday will be greeted with a plethora of new raids, bounty hunts and more.

A new class of items is here, the new artifacts system has equipable items that can grow more powerful and also change the way your weapons look. The higher the rank, the more powerful your weapons look. New raids come in the form of the Demigod Raids, which pits players against immensely powerful Demigods each week, with good team composition and tactful strategy, players can best these Demigods and put them in their place.

Next up, one of the biggest things to come into the game, there is a new rank for veteran players who have maxed out their Mythic EX Hero rank can now reach for the whole new EX+ rank. After finishing the main Story mode, the Normal and Hard mode missions, where enemies are tougher and there will be much better rewards for those who beat them. There are also new Challenge Missions that will test even the most skilled players. And finally, a revamped Bounty Hunt system with added difficulty selection.

Legion of Heroes' new Legacy update is out now for Android devices, download it now to enjoy all that the game has to offer.


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