League of Legends SEA rule change causes protest against GPL and Riot Games

By Dale Bashir on Jul 26, 2017

According to a report by ESPN, 11 League of Legends teams from the South East Asian region has made a petition against the developer of League of Legends and the Garena Premier League in their decision to change the rules of the competition and add a seventh team to participate in the GPL. The controversial team in question is Vietnam's Gigabyte's Marine, who recently achieved succes in the Mid-Season Invitational last May. 

11 teams from the SEA region are protesting against Riot and Garena, these include the Fire Dragoons, Orange Esports and Eternity Esports from Malaysia, Rigel, Sovereign and Brand New Life from Singapore, Imperium Pro Team and the Manila Eagles from the Philippines, the Sea Serpents and White Rose from Thailand and lastly, the Headhunters from Indonesia. They represent 5 out of the 6 countries from the South East Asia region, with each country getting their own representative for the GPL. The controversy stems from the fact that Vietnam already has a representative and a second team would hypothetically give a competitive edge to the country and secure a spot in the Worlds League of Legends Championship 2017.

An excerpt from the petition states:"It is no secret that Vietnam is the most competitive country in our region. For us lesser regions we saw the MSI result and reward as our opportunity to finally make a stand at the largest most storied and significant Esports tournament on the planet in the League of Legends World Championship. Many of us invested increased resources and effort to take advantage of this opportunity. Some of us spent significant amounts of money (especially for our region) on foreign boot camps and talent. Many of our players and staff also doubled down on improving their craft, taking time away from their families and loved ones. Now, at the cusp of achievement, we are told the competitive landscape will be significantly different tomorrow than what it was yesterday. This is fundamentally unfair to both our players and our efforts."

Garena and Riot Games have not made official statements on the matter at the time of this writing. The Garena Premier League Summer 2017 starts on the 25th of August 2017.

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