League of Legends' reworked Galio has been revealed by Riot Games

By Kurtis Chan on Mar 7, 2017

Riot Games had just revealed Galio's visual makeover through League of Legends social media pages, and he looks like a new champion as nothing is alike from the current Galio.

The current Galio looks like an oversized blue bat who has been skipping leg day for years and his gameplay leaves a lot to be desired. In case you forgot how he looks since he doesn't get picked much, take a look below:

It's almost time to bid farewell to this look of Galio as the new look of his is absolutely stunning. His body seems to be made out of white marble and it looks rock solid, his old bat wings was replaced with golden steel wings. Furthermore, his old gloomy and dull personality is gone and now he is more of a confident and jolly superhero gargoyle from Demacia whose job is to protect his fellow countrymen from the dangerous and unforgiving Noxians.

Moreover, the short teaser video not only showed us Galio's dashing new looks, but also a sneak peek of his new abilities. As seem from the video, it looks like Galio can now do combos just like Alistar's headbutt-pulverize, but Galio's is done from a single skill instead. Secondly, his wings can blast out some sort of wind that deals damage to enemies, but we are uncertain whether the ability has a slow effect like his current one. And for his ultimate, it's a mixture between Aatrox and Malphite where he levitates into the air and slams the ground from an angle and knock up/ knock back the enemies within his area of effect. So far there are only 3 abilities shown in the video and if you're wondering what happened to his taunt, don't worry as Reav3 confirms in Reddit that it will be his last skill, although it will not be his ultimate.

Besides showcasing his looks and abilities, Riot also teased us on how will Galio look in his alternate skins and what seems to be Gatekeeper Galio's recall animation. Riot hasn't released any specifics on Galio in terms of his abilities and how is Gatekeeper Galio changed, but we do know that he will be arriving in the PBE during the patch 7.6 cycle. Are you ready to kick some Noxian butt in the name of Demacia?

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